Week 8

Podcasts from Week 8

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Podcast Episode #17: Kris Rallah-Baker

Kris Rallah-Baker

Dr. Kris Rallah-Baker, Australia's first Indigenous ophthalmologist and current President of AIDA, furniture maker and all around lovely man, had a very insightful chat with AIDA student member and M2.0 Academic Officer Meg about being a modern Indigenous Australian in today's healthcare sector, and how the support structures have changed in the past 15 years, as well as what still needs to be improved on by their allied collegues.

Kris is most reachable through the AIDA secretariate found at www.aida.org.au or Facebook/Instagram.

Podcast Episode #18: Charlie Corke

A/ Prof. Charlie Corke is one of Australia’s leading Intensive Care Specialists and the past President of the College of Intensive Care of Australia and New Zealand. Charlie is passionate about Advanced Care Planning and lectures widely on medical communication and end-of-life decision making.

In this episode, Charlie generously sat down with our Academic Officer, Liss, to discuss some key concepts about patient-centred care, and particularly how to implement this approach to the end of a patient’s life. He shared practical tips on how to actively involve patients, their loved ones and colleagues in conversations surrounding end-of-life decision making, even in a disease-focussed clinical environment.

To find out more on end-of-life care, you can find Charlie’s book, Letting go here!

Charlie Corke

Podcast Episode #19: David Griffin

Dr David Griffin

Dr. David Griffin currently works as an Infectious Diseases Fellow at the Alfred Hospital, where he is actively involved in the COVID-19 response. David is a medical graduate of the University of Queensland, where he was awarded the Karl Kessler Memorial Prize for Infectious Diseases. After working in Queensland, David returned to Melbourne to complete his physician training, and was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in Infectious Diseases, in 2020. He also holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney in communicable diseases. While his interests in infectious diseases and healthcare are broad, his current research is centred around COVID-19, HIV and transplant infectious diseases. There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most pivotal events we have encountered in recent history, and in this episode David sits down with our team member Ray to discuss the pandemic from a doctor's perspective, as well as the progression and likely future of the virus in Australia.

Podcast Episode #20: Bradley Frew

Dr. Bradley Frew is a General Practitioner in Hastings, Victoria and a medical educator for the Monash University Peninsula Clinical School. He served as a Medical Officer in the Royal Australian Navy for several years following the undergraduate sponsorship scheme. In this episode, Brad sat down with our team member Caitlin to discuss his time in the Navy. Like the highs and lows of the tide, Brad's experience in the Navy had its ups and downs. He shares his experience with PTSD and how his lived experience prepared him to work with returned service-people and those who have experienced complex trauma. There are many pearls hidden in the depths of this episode, though it has a medical focus, Brad shares advice that Caitlin believes everyone should hear.