Week 7

Podcasts from Week 7

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Podcast Episode #13: Lydia Johns-Putra

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Lydia was kind enough to have an honest discussion with Liss, M2.0's Academic Officer, on the importance of mentoring, empathetic patient-centred approaches, the vulnerability it can cause and how to manage that, as well as how to face failure. Lydia also shared the lessons she’s learned from her experience in sustainable volunteering and teamwork during crisis management. Lydia provided incredible insight into the importance of investing in yourself and your support network as well as ongoing, evolving self-reflection.

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Podcast Episode #14: Glen Hulley

Glen Hulley is the Founder and CEO of Project Karma, a not-for-profit charity with the mission “to fight child sexual exploitation – whenever, by whoever and wherever it occurs”.  Glen previously spent 13 years in the Victorian police force in both uniformed and covert capacities before an experience whilst on holiday in Cambodia incited him to sell everything he owned to form Project Karma.

Globally the market for the sexual exploitation of children stands at around USD $36 billion, involving over 2 million children, and is growing at an estimated 20% per year. Child exploitation is an issue that remains prevalent around the world in many forms, allowed to continue in the undercurrent of society whilst the general populace remains unaware, to the detriment and life-long impact of such vulnerable children.

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Podcast Episode #15: Amy Neilson

Amy Neilson

Amy Neilson is an Australian-trained Rural Generalist and Fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine who works in Disaster and Humanitarian Medicine. In this episode, she sat down with our team member Angela to discuss what it is like to work in complex situations around the world and help unpack some of the big themes of providing foreign aid. Amy has worked in a wide variety of regional and remote Australian settings, in Sierra Leone with the International Federation of the Red Cross during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak, with Médecins Sans Frontières in Lebanon, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, and with the ICRC in South Sudan. These experiences have only enhanced her passion for her career which she continues to show through her interest in the optimal delivery of health care to complex populations - particularly focused on conflict regions, and on the underlying structural violence visited upon vulnerable populations.

Podcast Episode #16: Munjed Al Muderis

Prof. Munjed Al Muderis is an Australian trained Orthopaedic surgeon and a Squadron Leader in the Australian Air Force Reserve. He is also an Ambassador for the Australian Red Cross, human rights activist and a refugee. Munjed was kind enough to sit down with Liss, one of our M2.0 Academic Officers, for a candid discussion around his experience as a refugee, an innovator and a humanitarian. He provides incredible insight into finding your passion and your people, as well as striving for the stars and reaching your dreams.

Prof Munjed Al Muderis