Week 5

Podcasts from Week 5

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Podcast Episode #10: Adam Dunn, Hilda Bastian & Kieran Kennedy

Adam Dunn
Hilda Bastian

“Fake news” is a term that we have all heard about in recent years. The health field is not exempt from misinformation either. But how do myths like “vaccines cause autism” arise and spread, and what can be done about them? Join Adam, Hilda & Kieran as we explore all these and more, and consider our future roles as health professionals in a digitally connected, information-overloaded world!

Kieran Kennedy

Podcast Episode #11: Alyce Wilson

Food is a central component of culture, family, health – humanity. So surely we can use it better to tackle the diseases which burden our world so greatly. As our understanding of nutrition, chronic diseases, the microbiome, metabolism and the obesogenic environment grows, we are implored to ask: How is the doctor going to use nutrition and diet as a tool to treat patients and improve patient quality of life? Listen in to find out about how doctors use nutrition and diet in public health and also their clinical arsenal!

Alyce Wilson Photo

Podcast Episode #12: Marcia Langton

Marcia Langton

Distinguished Redmond Barry Professor Marcia Langton AO is an anthropologist, educator, author, prominent advocate and revered community leader. A singular woman in the world of modern Indigenous Australian advocacy, and author of the 1990 royal commission into Indigenous deaths in custody which has had a resurgence in recent media prioritisation, Professor Langton was a generous enough with her limited time to participate in a recorded discussion with our Academic Officer and fellow Aboriginal woman Meg Kent about racial injustice, treatment of Indigenous Australians in post colonised Australia, the Health Gap and some ways for everyone to help fight racism.

Prof. Langton has very kindly provided some additional resources related to her podcast for all of our listeners- if you're interested, be sure to check them out here!