Week 4

Podcasts from Week 4

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Podcast Episode #7: Tony Fernando


Dr Tony Fernando is an Auckland-based psychiatrist and sleep specialist finishing his PhD in compassion within medicine. In this episode, he joins Jasmin for a conversation about the transformative power of compassion, to others and to oneself. They discuss potential barriers to compassionate practice and how they can be overcome. Throughout the episode, Tony sends an important reminder: we are only human!

Podcast Episode #8: Michelle Lim & Elisabeth Lambert

Botulinum toxin, depression, central adiposity, arsenic & loneliness. What on Earth could these 5 things have in common? They are all potential toxins for human beings. Young Australians are lonely, married Australians are lonely, 50% of Australians feel lonely at least one day a week and depression is projected to become the disease with the 2nd highest DALYs burden! Consequently, we as future health advocates ought to ask what we can learn about loneliness. Join us with Dr. Michelle Lim and Associate Professor Elisabeth Lambert, as we explore loneliness in Australia and consider a model for depression as a cardiotoxic state.


Podcast Episode #9: Jason Clymo


Jason Clymo was a medical student before acquiring a spinal cord injury which changed his life. Once recovered, he spun himself into the world of modelling, creation and advocacy, increasing awareness of paraplegia in the advertising world and mainstream media. In this episode of Ampoule, Jason and Meg, who were friends back in Jason's med school days, have a particularly open chat about Jason's experience with recovering from his injury, desexualisation of people with disabilities, his experience with romance and intimacy since he started using his chair, and how mental health is the linchpin in everything he does. Jason lives as both a model with a disability and also a voice encouraging change of the model by which we grade disability, representation in media and how people consider micro-aggressions and the way they can affect people's internalised aggression. Find more from Jason on Facebook and Instagram through @mylifewithwheels!