Week 2

Podcasts from Week 2

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Podcast Episode #3: Harry Eeman

Harry Eeman

Dr. Harry Eeman, a rehabilitation medicine physician and chronic pain specialist, sat down with our Academic team member Angi to discuss his unique experience as a patient with GBS. Harry was a young medical student when he was struck down by a severe form of Gillian-Barré Syndrome whilst backpacking in Europe. After years of rehabilitation he recommenced his studies and completed medicine as a quadriplegic which required overcoming a number of physical and attitudinal barriers. Eventually he graduated with honours and subsequently completed two postgraduate specialist qualifications.

Harry hopes to be able to inspire people who face similar obstacles in their lives by working as a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, aiming to empower people suffering from chronic pain. Additionally, he is now the acting Clinical Director of a large chronic pain management unit within a major metropolitan hospital in Melbourne. All of this he juggles with living independently and trying to be the best father he can be to his three year old son!

Podcast Episode #4: Amanda McLoughlin

When Amanda McLoughlin graduated university with an English Literature degree, she wasn't 100% sure what her long term goals were. Like we all do, she took a variety of jobs that weren't entirely related to her passion, but hey, they paid the bills (and her student loans). In her spare time, she and a couple of friends made a couple of podcasts, and with more podcasting friends created a collective. Most importantly, Amanda took everything she learnt from those "unrelated" fresh out of college jobs to turn a creative passion into a business that performs consulting work for audio-based shows- which is how our Academic Officer Meg got in contact with her in the first place! Tune in as they chat about how every left turn is an opportunity, and how to find your pocket in the modern world.

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