Week 10

Podcasts from Week 10

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24. Renee Lim

Dr. Renee Lim is an incredible woman who wears many hats, as a doctor, educator and performer. In this episode, Renee sat down with our Academic Officer, Liss, to discuss her most recent project, Grace Under Pressure. This verbatim project explored the juxtaposition that is the expectations put on healthcare workers and the reality of the day to day experience, and how this impacts the culture of our workplaces, and the mental health of those who work within them. Renee shares an incredibly honest account of her own experience of mental health and how she faced the experience of miscarrying whilst mourning the death of her partner. Renee provides some incredible tips on how we can work on not only our own mental health, but how we can support each other to improve the culture of medicine and in turn the mental health of our peers and ourselves. You can get in contact with Renee here!

Trigger warning: This episode explicitly discusses miscarriage, bereavement and suicide attempts. If these topics cause you distress, please consider listening up until 27:30, from 46:30-58:15, as well as from 1:00:50 as Renee provides some incredible practical tips on how we can to continue to improve the culture of medicine as well as the mental health of ourselves and our peers.

Podcast Episode #25: Kieran Kennedy & Janet Lowndes

Eating disorders can be terribly debilitating conditions that isolate people with them in shame and secrecy. But they are also very much at the intersection of various aspects of society, from the medical field, to cultural trends. Join our guests Dr. Kieran Kennedy and Ms. Janet Lowndes with M2.0 team member Daryl, as we bite back, and talk about what all medical students should know about eating disorders , and how we can shape our culture and communities to have a healthier relationship with food and eating!

Kieran Kennedy
Janet Lowndes

Podcast Episode #26: Armando Hasudungan


Dr. Armando Faigl, or as you may know him, Armando Hasudungan from Armando Hasudungan Medicine and Biology Videos, is a successful online educator and doctor currently undertaking his Basic Physician Training. Since 2011, Armando has amassed a cult-like following of over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube for his unique illustrations that simplify even the most elusive concepts, not to mention his other social media outlets. In this episode, Armando generously sat down with our academic officer, Liss, to discuss his experience as a Science Communicator, YouTube sensation and doctor. Armando provided some incredibly practical tips on communicating complex concepts, creating educational resources and how to both give and receive feedback. Armando also provided incredible insight on how to become, as well as what life is like as a BPT.

You can find out more about Armando’s content on his YouTube channel and Instagram, as well as find his t-shirts here!

Podcast Episode #27: Melissa Naidoo

In the final episode of the Mel2.0 podcast series we have double the Mel! Our team member Mel sits down with Dr. Melissa Naidoo who in this episode discusses how her career in medicine evolved from being a budding paediatrician, to then discovering a passion for medical leadership and advocacy, for not just women in medicine but also diversity in medicine. She emphasises the importance of knowing when to say yes to opportunities, but also the importance of saying no. With the unique perspective of medicine as both a doctor and patient she reflects on how important it is to keep things in perspective and take care of yourself in order to take care of your patients.

Mellissa Naidoo