MEL2.0 Podcasts

Tune in to our podcasts!

Although we’re devastated that we can’t bring you Convention as you know it, our team has been working hard to adapt parts of our event to the pandemic age. Tune in using the links below to see how Team Academics are turning a stellar line-up of speakers into audio form!

Introducing the Mel2.0 Stickerbook!

Each week, we will include a Codeword in our podcast episodes (not every podcast!), which can give you access to giveaways, and proves your attendance for our AMSA Medals if you previously qualified this year!

Utilising the episode-specific links provided, use this Codeword to gain a sticker through our portal! Download and keep all of these stickers using the forms below over the course of your run, and we promise it will be worthwhile... 😉

   PDF Link: Click here

   PowerPoint Link: Click here

   PNG Link: Click here

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