About The Team

Core Team 


Sarah Butler


Usually found trying to make a 99% M20, 3% Med balance work, Butler is the epitome of a Convention Convenor. Her concerning levels of caffeine intake aside, Butler will ensure that every aspect of M20 is outstanding, and delegates will leave with unforgettable memories.


Shaun Anthony

Deputy Convenor

How he manages to win as many lotteries as he has will likely remain a mystery, but it's no secret that Shaun lives and breathes Convention. As the overseer of the logistics and social portfolios, he will ensure that every delegate is treated to an incredible experience at M20.


Richard Yan


The poor soul left to deal with Butler's deplorable attempts at math, Richard is the quiet achiever that holds the M20 team together. When he's not building beautiful budgets or slaying at futsal, it's been rumoured that Richard is a menace on the D-floor!


Alex Cowcher

Deputy Convenor

They say with age comes wisdom, but in Alex's case, with age came a couple more university degrees. With his background in allied health and interests in medical education, he is the perfect person to oversee the Academic and Sports Day portfolios.


Rav Gaddam


A relic from the M15 glory days, Rav's penchant for Slack, bullet journals and colour-coded calendars makes her the perfect person troubleshoot all the M20 issues. As the overseer of Creative and IT, her aim is to convince you, your med friends and your dog to make the trip to Melbourne for Convention in 2020!



Alissia Bisiani

For Liss, Convention is life. Be it the academics, sports or socials; anything and everything Convention is the highlight of the year. She has constantly been one of the Deakin Dozen, and with her knowledge and forethought the M20 academic program will be one you shouldn't miss!


Megan Kent

Behind the quiet and friendly exterior, what you likely don't know is Megan is our team's secret weapon. Having attended Convention back in Adelaide 2014 she provides the historical secrets that no-one else can.



Erene Sakabetis

If you want to keep up with Erene this convention, you’d best come prepared for minimal sleep (lots of coffee) and maximum vibes. From grungy underground nightclubs in Berlin (ask her about this one) to classy balls in Melbourne, she’ll make sure to bring a bit of everything to your social events this year.


Jasmine Davis

Jasmine is a fierce queen who is both a brainiac and a party legend. Co-heading up the socials, she will be sure to be doing plenty of hands on research (read as an excuse for clubbing) to ensure that you'll be blown away. Just make sure you don't cross her, as her wit is both sharp and well renowned.



Shannon Gao

Rumoured to have been caught whispering "Sports Day" in her sleep, Shannon is the queen of hype in the team. With her inbox full of messages from the 10,000 venues contacted, Shannon most certainly loves Sports Day, and will make it the best day on the M20 calendar!


Eva Wang

Small, sweet and the other half of the passionate Sports day crew, Eva is one you best not overlook. At the same time as organising a killer sports day, she is running a successful food blog and eating plenty of free brunch to prove it!



Audilia Sujana

Spot the bright, colourful outfit and you've probably found Auds. When she's not drooling over food and fashion, you'll find her poring over her emails and spreadsheets to ensure that you'll be well-accommodated, well-fed and well-transported at M20.


Jordan Zalcman

Jordan is a spontaneous 'Yes man'. If you can think it, dream it, or wish it, Jordan will turn your ideas into a reality. Don't you worry, we'll put his logistics skills to the test to make Convention run as smoothly as possible.



Christine Jun

Christine, the quiet achiever behind the incredible logo is certainly the M20 pocket-rocket. When Christine's on the job, you can be sure the product will be incredible, and we are so lucky to have her on board!


Olivia Chang

Liv brings plenty of her bubbly joy to the team, and luckily she's so abundant with this that it can reach us all the way from Newcastle. Liv will ensure our social media channels are perfectly run to keep you all in the loop!



Erica Musgrove

The only time of the day that you'll find Erica not talking or telling stories is the one hour she spends at the yoga studio... the true foundation of her sanity. As someone who loves a good laugh at her own expense, she is hoping that her self-deprecating wit and dorky charm will help her to win over sponsors and delegates alike.


Sarah Broome

Sarah's first impression is so wholesome you'd be forgiven for thinking she really is sugar and spice and all things nice. But her bubbly exterior hides her true sassy streak, and she's been known to sling some of the spiciest one-liners of all time. With her organisation and enthusiasm, she is sure to captain this sponsor-SHIP to success in 2020.

Risk & IT


Aharon Golod

While he may not really know how to spell his own name (Aharon is "apparently" pronounced Aaron), you can be assured that he certainly knows how to mitigate and manage risk at M20 to make it a safe convention for our rangers and volunteers.


Abhishekh Srinivas

As the technological wizard of the M20 Team, Abhishekh is responsible for all things webby and appy - whether it be building a website from scratch or explaining the spiciest memes in the webosphere to the rest of the team, he has got all the M20 electronic requirements covered.